CJ Watson an Option at Shooting Guard


CJ Watson
CJ Watson played valuable minutes last year backing up Derrick Rose. He added another scoring option on the bench mob, and has become one of the better free agent pickups we’ve had. While in Golden State, he averaged 27.5 minutes, and 10.3 ppg. This last year, with Derrick playing 37 minutes a game, hindered his performance. He played 13.3 mpg, and only averaged 4.5 ppg. He has shown the ability to create his own shot, and score. He’s had 30+ point games in both Chicago, and Golden State. Last year, when Derrick was out with an injury, lead the team to a near victory (Carmelo Anthony last second buzzer beater) and had a dazzling 33 point performance on the road. He has potential to be one of the better offensive players on the Bulls roster, but he has some disadvantages. He’s smaller than Derrick at 6’2, and you usually want your two guard to be at least 6’5,

CJ at Shooting Guard
CJ at times last year played the point, or shooting guard while Derrick was in the game. Thom liked this option, as he went to it at a fairly decent amount. CJ is one of, if not the best jump shooter the Bulls have. The only exception is Korver, but Korver unlike CJ can’t dribble the ball, and create space. CJ has also proven he’s not as much of a liability as Korver is on defense, he can man up on defense. Besides Derrick and Luol, the Bulls have options at every position. If CJ did possibly start, he would still be splitting time with guys like Brewer, and Korver.

Backup Point Guard
Rose plays a large chunk of the game. Like I stated, CJ doesn’t get much playing time because of Derrick. The move to shooting guard would effect Rose and how Thibs would use Rose in games, and in terms of playing time. Watson could be more of a hybrid player. Run point, as well as play as the shooting guard. If the Bulls do make this move don’t expect them to bring in a new back up point guard. John Lucas III was signed last year, and could possibly be an option to play 5-15 minutes a night, but it’s unlikely.

My Opinion
Keep CJ at his back up spot, Rose is reported to get less time on the court this year to preserve him, and Lucas is not the answer at that position if CJ switches. Bulls have first off, the chance to pick up Bogans options at $3 mil, or have Brewer as the starter and flip flop him and Korver. They are also looking to bring in a 2-guard to relieve some of Derricks scoring duties. CJ is a nice player, but definitely a career back up, more than a starter.

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